1st January 2015

Domestic Case Study

No.1 Royston Terrace hadn't been

touched in over fifty years...


Eugene asked us to completely refurbish his top floor flat. The flat was a loft apartment which was all but derelict. Hawthorn Joinery completely stripped the premises then started to refurbish.  All the old utilities : Gas meter, electric meter & board, water main, were all entering the flat in different locations and all ending up in different rooms. Co-ordinating the different suppliers, we re routed all the utilities in to one large cupboard at the end of the long hall in the flat.
This meant we now had all the utilities in one place.

A new water main was run, with a pump installed to maintain the correct water pressure for a flat four stories up by our plumber. Under our instruction Scottish gas then brought in a new gas feed and a new gas meter was installed by the gas supplier. This enabled us to then install a new combi boiler into the cupboard beside the new gas supply.

During this process we also instructed Scottish Power to install a new electric supply into the same cupboard where our electrician installed a new board beside the electric meter.

Lastly our TV man ran all his cables into the cupboard for telephone, TV, and wireless systems. With the flat now fully supplied we fitted a new heating system, completely re wired the flat & put TV and phone points in each room.

In addition to all this, all the old sash and case windows were taken out and renewed  with UPVC slider windows. This job required a scaffold all round the building. Hawthorn Joinery sub contracted this job out to a local scaffold company, who got the correct legal permits needed and erected the scaffold needed to do a safe job.

A new kitchen & Utility room were designed by Howdens Joinery then installed by Hawthorn, along with a new laminate floor in both.

After all these things were completed along with some new doors, a new bathroom & shower suite installed we then decorated & carpeted the flat.

As the job continued, various neighbours showed an interest in decorating the common stair, so after giving them a quote we were then asked to re paint the whole stair and finally we installed a new intercom system to update the old one which had been in for over 15 years.

As you can see, Hawthorn Joinery have the ability to co ordinate and make all this happen.

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